Small Business Warriors Scholarship

Terms & Conditions

The Small Business Warriors Scholarship is open to any legal U.S. resident who meets the following requirements. You must:

  • Plan to enroll as a graduate or undergraduate student in an accredited U.S. college or university in the fall of 2021.
  • Intend to major in business or a business-related discipline.
  • Write an essay of up to 750 words featuring a “small business warrior” in your community — a business owner who kept his or her company running throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Produce a three-minute video of your interview with the small business owner featured in your essay.
  • Submit your college or high school academic transcripts.
  • Email your essay, video, and transcripts to [email protected] by June 15, 2021.

A committee organized by Revenued will review each essay, corresponding transcript, and video received by the June 15, 2021 deadline. Based on this review, the committee will select one applicant to receive the $2,500 Small Business Warriors Scholarship. The decision made by the selection committee will be final.

If chosen as the Small Business Warriors Scholarship winner, you may be required to submit additional documentation to supplement your application materials. Failure to comply with these requests could result in forfeiture of the scholarship prize.

Revenued will not extend the deadline, nor will the company be considered responsible for technical issues that interfere with your timely and successful email submission.

Notification of Application Status

The scholarship submission deadline is June 15, 2021, and all essays, videos, and transcripts must be received by Revenued by that date to be eligible for the $2,500 Small Business Warriors Scholarship. Any materials received after the due date will not be reviewed or forwarded to the selection committee.

The selection committee will review all eligible submissions over a 30- to 60-day period.

Within 60 days of the application deadline, the scholarship recipient will be informed of their winning status. After the winner is notified, Revenued will inform the remaining applicants of the scholarship committee’s decision.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

Revenued’s appointed selection committee will not discriminate among scholarship candidates based on race, age, gender, religion, disability, national origin, sexual orientation or preferences, or inclusion in any other legally protected class.

The selection committee will choose the $2,500 Small Business Warriors Scholarship winner based solely on each applicant’s fulfillment of submission requirements and a review of the documents and videos received.

Privacy Statement

Revenued and the appointed selection committee hold the privacy of your personal information in the highest regard. Therefore, all personal information that you submit with your Small Business Warriors Scholarship application will be used only to select the $2,500 scholarship award winner.

Your personal information will not be shared, sold, or disseminated in any other way to the public or any third party. Once the winner has been chosen, personal information submitted by applicants will not be retained by Revenued.

Revenued maintains the right to publish the $2,500 Small Business Warriors Scholarship winner’s name and image on our website and through press releases in other media outlets. By applying for the scholarship, you consent for your name and photo to be published as the scholarship winner.