How Does the Revenued Business Card Work?

The Revenued Business Card can be used to make purchases just like any money card. The difference is there are no credit obligations, no interest, and no damage to your credit report. The Revenued Business Card is unique because its funding model is adjustable enough to underwrite businesses in any industry with limited revenue, operating history, or profitability. 

With the Revenued Business Card’s flexibility and convenience, there is nothing else on the market like it. Read on to learn how the Revenued Business Card works. 

Putting Your Revenued Business Card to Use

Using your Revenued Business Card is simple. Shortly after being approved, you will receive a card number you can use to access your cash. Use your Revenued Card in place of a credit card or debit card to cover business expenses and bills.

Revenued Business Card also includes these convenient features:

  • A user-friendly merchant portal — Log in to our website for real-time access to view your balance, transaction history, daily spend limit, and more. 
  • Get funds when you need them most — The Revenued Business Card is miles better than an MCA or a bank loan because as long as you sustain your bank balance, you have access to funds when you need them. 
  • Requesting additional money is as simple as clicking a button — If your funding limit is too low to cover a supply order, head to the Revenued website and request it by clicking the “Request Limit Increase” drop-down. 
  • Ask for cash by using the drop-down — If you need money, simply select the “Request Cash Draw” drop-down and fill in the required amount. 
  • Exceptional customer service — At Revenued, we pride ourselves on our relationships with our merchant clients. Unlike large banking or credit card companies where it can be challenging to talk to a real person, Revenued has a live customer service support staff available to answer your questions. We want to make sure you and your business are using the Revenued Business Card to its full potential.

How Your Spending Limit Is Determined

Our funding model relies on establishing and maintaining visibility into your company’s business account to give our clients the most outstanding financial assistance possible. Your spending limit is calculated automatically by analyzing sales and transaction data through your connected bank account. If, while using your Revenued Business Card, you discover your spending limit is too low for your financial needs, you can easily request a higher limit.

To maintain an active Revenued Business Card account, you must keep an average daily bank balance of at least $1,000 and at least $10,000 in monthly sales. (To compare, other cards like Brex require merchants to maintain a $25,000 minimum cash balance and $50,000 in net monthly revenue.) The new Revenued Business Card is by far the best card on the market for your monetary needs!

Track Your Revenued Card Activity in Real-Time

Financial transparency is vital to us at Revenued. That is why your Revenued Business Card is backed by a powerful website portal to monitor and modify your spending. When you log into your associated business card account, you’ll immediately be able to view your:

  • Spending limit
  • Balance
  • Spending availability
  • Daily spend limit
  • Account overview
  • Payment calendar
  • Transaction history
  • Rewards

Use the Revenued Business Card anywhere, on any business expenses, and track your spending activity in real-time. 

Only Pay for What You Use

Other financial companies that offer products like bank loans, MCAs, and invoice factoring charge you for your funds even if they are sitting in your bank account not being used. With the Revenued Business Card, you only pay for the portion of your spending limit that you are utilizing. 

The Revenued Business Card Advantages

If you are like many small business owners, you may be unsure how to successfully run your business’s financial side to avoid running out of money — yet continue to grow your revenue. 

The Revenued Business Card helps you get the funding you need to not only survive but to thrive. Our business card offers unique advantages for small business owners you cannot find elsewhere, including:

  • No minimum FICO score requirements to qualify, including subprime! 
  • Our website’s easy-to-use, built-in tools to help manage cashflows
  • Apply only once to qualify for years-worth of funding 
  • Financial transparency at your fingertips with our dynamic mobile app
  • The convenience of a physical card you can use as you would a debit or credit card, online or at any point-of-sale (POS) terminal
  • Use the Revenued Card for cash draws
  • Check balances and spending power through your merchant portal, accessed via our Revenued Card website

The Revenued Business Card Can Work for Your Business

For flexibility and convenience, there is nothing else on the market like the Revenued Business Card. The new Revenued Business Card is a quick and pain-free way to leverage instant capital for your small business. Instead of taking on more high-interest loan debt or paying for another high-cost business financing option, use the Revenued Business Card for all of your financial needs. 

You can now apply for the Revenued Business Card, and if you have any questions or want to learn more about it you can call +1 (877) 662-3489 or email [email protected] and a member of our 5-star team will be happy to help.


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