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What Happens if My Company Goes Bankrupt?

Opening and running a small business is risky even under the best of circumstances. Nearly one out of two new companies close their doors for good within their first five years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has generated new hurdles for struggling enterprises.  According to an October 2020 survey conducted by Small Business for America’s Future […]

What Are Your 2018 Federal Tax Rates for Your Business?

Here we’ll give you a bit of insight into what small business tax rate you’ll be facing next tax season. In light of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, it’s no surprise that businesses are facing some changes when it comes to their tax filing this season.

Can You Predict Your Business’ Financial Forecast?

Calculating financial forecasts can guide your actions and optimize your performance, setting the stage for further growth and success. But do you have an effective system in place to make these predictions?

So You Need to Create a Business Invoice? Here’s How (Including an Invoice Template)

Even though formats can change based on the type of invoice you’re creating, there are specific and important elements of an invoice that should be included in every invoice.

Top 8 Accounts Payable & Receivable Software for Small Business

Below is a list of the most affordable and easy-to-use accounts payable and receivable software programs available, giving small business owners one less thing to worry about while managing their company.

How to Read Financial Statements

A financial statement demonstrates how a business has utilized the funds it has received from stockholders and lenders. In this way, these statements speak volumes about the executive strategy and offer a sense of transparency for those who have infused their own funds into the business’ mission.

How to Create a Successful Business Budget

Along with your blood, sweat and tears, making sure your business is financially successful takes a lot of planning and number crunching.

Business Forecasting: Get Your Revenue & Growth Numbers Nailed Down

Whether you’re a veteran small business owner or just starting out, we can’t emphasize enough just how critical business forecasting is for your short-term and long-term prospects.