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Applying for the Revenued Card: Is My Bank Supported by Plaid?

The Revenued Business Card has all of the convenience of a credit card without the credit score requirements that may have kept you from getting a business card in the past. The obstacles that stood in your way when applying for a credit or charge card will not be a problem with The Revenued Business Card […]

What Is the Revenued Business Card?

The Revenued Business Card is a dynamic business tool that provides your company access to the capital it needs to cover expenses during lean times. These short-term funds can also empower you to expand and grow your business like never before.  Most small business cards on the market today are just consumer cards marketed toward […]

Do You Pay Interest on the Revenued Business Card?

When a business uses a traditional bank loan, line of credit, or a credit card to gain working capital, the cost to use the funds is expressed as interest that is calculated according to an annual interest rate.  With the Revenued Business Card, however, you are not paying interest on the money that you use. […]