How Do I Update My Address for My Revenued Business Card?


Whether you work out of your house or lease a corporate office, your company’s address is an essential piece of identifying information Revenued maintains in your file. Before moving, it is crucial to update this information.

It not only allows Revenued to communicate with you but also helps safeguard your account from identity theft or fraud when a merchant utilizes the Address Verification System (AVS). Your address helps identify you, or your employee, as the cardholder.

Revenued will use your updated address both for your billing address and physical address.

Updating Your Revenued Business Card Address

Notifying Revenued and any relevant lenders or credit card companies with your new address is a crucial step to take before moving. It ensures your replacement credit cards, statements, and tax documents follow you to your new address. 

There are three primary ways to change your U.S.-based business address with Revenued:

Update Your Address by Mail

To update your Revenued Business Card address by mail, use the change of address form located on your account statement. Fill out the form with your new address and mail it in. 

You can also request an address change with the United States Postal Service (USPS) online, by phone, or using their change of address form. You will have to use your Revenued Card (or a credit or debit card) associated with either your new or old address. You will be charged $1 to authorize the USPS to verify your identity. 

This method will forward all of your company mail, not just your Revenued correspondence, for six months, with an option to extend for another six months. The postal service notifies billers of your new address; therefore, after a couple of months, you will start receiving your business card statements at your new address.

Update Your Address by Phone

You can also dial the phone number on the back of your Revenued Business Card or contact a customer service agent at (855) 943-5363. Provide them with your new business address, and our representative will make the changes for you.

To Update Your Revenued Business Card Address Online

To change your address online and other personal details, you will need to login into your personalized merchant portal through the Revenued website.

Navigate to your profile and settings tab and click on personal details. Find the link to edit your billing address. Fill in your contact details and click ‘save.’

You will receive an email confirmation a short while later. 

Update Your Business Address with the IRS

Beyond updating your business address with Revenued or other business card companies, you should also change your address with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). If you have an Employer Identification Number on file with the IRS, be sure to complete Form 8822-B. Use this form to inform the IRS if you have changed your:

  • Business location
  • Business mailing address
  • Identity of your responsible party (a tax term for the person who makes decisions for the company)

Stay Up to Date for Peace of Mind

Revenued uses your billing address to send you vital correspondence and other information. It also protects your account from possible fraud. Keep your business address up to date to ensure you don’t miss important account information and that we have an accurate location to mail replacement cards if yours were stolen or lost.

To learn more about the new Revenued Business Card or any of our financial tools, complete our online form or call (855) 943-5363.


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