How Do You Apply for the Revenued Business Card?

Congratulations! You’ve learned about all of the benefits of the Revenued Business Card, and you are ready to apply. We can help you take the next steps to acquire access to this unique financing tool. 

Applying for the Revenued Business Card is straightforward and can be done online in one sitting. We offer a streamlined application process that minimizes the lengthy back-and-forth exchange that bogs down other financing applications.

First, review the eligibility requirements and then fill out the Revenued Business Card application online. We will evaluate your business information and banking activity and let you know in minutes if you qualify. 

Determine if You Are Eligible

Before applying for the Revenued Card, review the following eligibility requirements to see if your business qualifies. Your company must:

    • Be a U.S.-based business — Foreign companies are not eligible for the Revenued Card. It does not matter in which state you operate — as long as you run a U.S.-based business, you can apply for the Revenued Card.
    • Have a business bank account — If your company is newer or operates as a sole proprietorship, you may still be performing financial activities out of your personal bank account. To qualify for a Revenued Card, however, your company must be using a separate business account.
  • Have monthly sales of at least $10,000 — Minimum  sales numbers demonstrate to our underwriters that your business has the income necessary to meet monthly payment obligations.
  • Keep an average daily bank account balance of $1,000 or more— An account primarily in the black indicates healthy cash flow and fiscal responsibility.
  • Not have a negative bank balance beyond three days per month — We understand the ebb and flow of business operations, especially for companies whose income is invoice-based. When business slows and revenue dips, your account may occasionally be in the red. As long as this does not happen more than three days in a given month, you can still qualify for the Revenued Card.
  • Have been operating for six months minimum — Startups do not have the fiscal baseline to show they can meet the above requirements and are therefore not eligible for the Revenued Business Card.
  • Not operate in the banking or lending industries — Businesses from virtually any field will qualify, except the financial sector, including banks or business lenders.

Note that none of these requirements mention a FICO score. This is because there is no credit score requirement involved with the Revenued Business Card application process, and we do not run a “hard inquiry” on your report. Even businesses with subprime credit can be approved for this one-of-a-kind financing opportunity.

What to Do if You Don’t Yet Qualify

Your business may not meet all of these requirements today — if that is the case, take steps to ensure the conditions are met before filling out your application. For example:

  • Open a business bank account if you do not already have one. This is a good idea for many reasons, including simplifying records at tax time and ensuring you are not commingling business and personal funds.
  • Wait at least six months to apply if your company is a startup. 
  • During this time, you can also work to maximize sales numbers to meet the $10,000 monthly threshold. 
  • Keep a close eye on your banking activity and manage your company’s cash flow in a way that maintains an average daily balance of over $1,000.

By taking these actions before you formally apply, you can save yourself time and increase your chances of approval for the Revenued Business Card.

Applying for the Revenued Business Card

Once you are ready to apply, navigate to our online application form. Have your banking credentials, tax returns, and other supporting documents prepared for the fastest possible application experience.

  • Fill out the online application. Here you will give us some fundamental information about yourself and your business. 
  • Provide bank information so we can access your business history.
  • Our automated system quickly analyzes your fiscal activity and may approve your application on the spot. 
  • If there is a question about your qualifications, an underwriter will take a closer look and request supplementary documents such as tax returns.
  • The faster you provide these additional documents, the faster your application will be processed. You could receive a final decision by the next business day.

Other business financing applications often require you to scan documents and email or fax them with your application. Then it can take days for a person to review them manually. Our approval algorithms and automated processing cut through these time-consuming steps. You can fill out the application and be approved within minutes.

What Happens Once You Are Approved?

After approval, we will inform you of the terms. These terms will include your spending limit, the factor rate to utilize the funds, and the duration of your payment schedule. You can agree to the terms of the contract instantly with your e-signature, or if you decide to decline our offer, you will owe us nothing.

If you choose to accept the terms and sign up for your Revenued Business Card, you will be able to start utilizing your funds immediately after you receive your card number. Use the card with merchants as you would a credit or debit card, or you can take advantage of the cash draw option to cover other expenses like payroll.

Apply for the Revenued Business Card Today

Cashflow interruptions caused by market downturns or slow seasons can damage your business’s overall financial health. When you require a steady stream of working capital to pay your employees and vendors, stock up on supplies, and maintain a healthy inventory, Revenued is here to help.

Apply for the new Revenued Business Card today and acquire fast access to the capital your growing business demands. Applying is simple, and you can get approved in as little as an hour.

Contact us at (855) 943-5363 or fill out our online form to learn more.

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