How Is My Information Protected When Using My Revenued Business Card?

At Revenued, we feel strongly about protecting your personal information, and security measures in place in our Revenued Business Card reflect this commitment. 

All Revenued Business Cards come equipped with a microchip that protects you from fraudulent transactions. Your personal and financial information is safeguarded by cryptographic functions to prevent card counterfeiting and makes them safer to use than standard magnetic-stripe cards.

While the chip-enabled Revenued Card makes your point-of-sale (POS) safer, you still need to take precautions on your own to safeguard your data. Continue reading to learn how your information is protected when using your Revenued Business Card.

What Is the EMV Chip?

EMV stands for Europay, Mastercard, and Visa, the three companies that developed the standard safety chip. This standard is now headed up by EMVCo, a group of financial companies.

Chip cards have replaced or supplemented the magnetic stripe readers used with credit and ATM cards for decades. They have become the standard at merchants through the U.S. and the world and are the global standard for cards used in automated teller machines (ATMs) and point-of-sale (POS) terminals. 

Our EMV-Equipped Chips Make Revenued Cards More Secure

The cryptographic functions in EMV chips make them more secure than traditional magnetic-stripe cards and more difficult to counterfeit.

While the data held in your card’s magnetic strip remains the same, the chip in your card creates a unique code for each transaction that is utilized only one time. 

Therefore, even if a card thief could duplicate the EMV chip validation data at a particular retail or POS transaction, they would not be able to use it. The chip-based card technology found in all Revenued Cards protects your information from would-be data thieves. 

These smart cards are PIN-based, adding an additional layer of security at vendor terminals. Entering a PIN, rather than using a signature, makes your card even more difficult to clone or use fraudulently since a copy card cannot be used by itself on terminals requiring a personal code.

How Information Is Protected When Accessing Your Online Portal

Your sensitive and personal information is safeguarded through vigorous operational, electronic, and physical practices and policies.

When you become a Revenued Business Cardmember, you will have access to an online portal where you can:

  • Access your account overview.
  • Check your pending balance.
  • Monitor your transaction history.
  • Request a funding limit increase.*
  • Submit a cash draw request.
  • View your payment calendar.
  • Watch your spending limit and availability.

Your Revenued data is accessible only by you and can only be written or read through password-protected service access points. Your information’s physical security is achieved by the fusion of network firewalls and servers with operating systems, meaning direct communication between the Internet and the database server is not allowed. 

Encrypted Portal Security

Our servers are equipped with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate technology to ensure you connect to the Revenued site. SSL encrypts all information entered into your Revenued Card Portal. Look for the padlock or key icon on your browser to verify SSL is being used.

When you log in and perform a transaction on our site, your data is further encrypted through the use of our 128-bit secure browser. When you explore other parts of the Revenued site, you may encounter a CAPTCHA — a technology we use to guarantee sensitive transactions are being performed by a human and not a computer program.

Lastly, Revenued subjects its systems to periodic security audits to ensure your data is thoroughly secure and protected. 

No information transmitted over the Internet or via a card chip is 100% secure, and therefore it is still crucial to do your part in securing your personal information.

Ways to Protect Your Data When Using Your Revenued Card

Although the EMV chip is a leap forward in fraud prevention and SSLs keep your information from falling into the wrong hands when visiting your portal, nothing can stop every data breach attempt. 

Protecting Yourself When Using Your Revenued Card

EMV readers are relatively expensive, and not every merchant has updated their process to accept EMV payments. The magnetic stripe on the back of your Revenued Business Card gives you flexibility so you can still pay using your card with these merchants. 

Unfortunately, this also makes it easier for criminals to use a business card skimmer to steal your information. Skimmers look like typical card readers, but you can spot them if you are vigilant. You can take these additional steps to protect yourself when using your Revenued Card:  

  • Avoid POS terminals that are in dimly lit or isolated locations when possible.
  • Do not use card readers that appear to be damaged or tampered with. For example, if the card reader appears larger than others in the same location or you can easily wiggle it.
  • Keep your card in your possession as much as possible. A retail or restaurant employee equipped with a handheld skimmer can steal your information when they are out of your line of sight.

Steps to Take to Ensure Your Money Is as Safe as Possible

Although the Revenued site has encryption technology protecting your information, you can still take steps to ensure your funds are accessed only by you.

  • Never share your Revenued Card account information, including your password, with anyone. 
  • Always choose strong passwords containing symbols, numbers, and non-dictionary words and change your password frequently.
  • Your password is not known to any Revenued employee, and we will never ask for your password as a means to identify you.
  • Only log into your Revenued portal when you are on a protected network when away from your office. 
  • Install and update firewall and antivirus software on your business and home software to protect your device or computer from external attacks.
  • Besides the padlock symbol, always make sure there is an “s” after “http” when you are logged into your account. 
  • Always log out and close your browser window when finishing your portal session.

Have Peace of Mind When Using the Revenued Business Card

Revenued is dedicated to the privacy and security of our users. Using chip and PIN technology on our cards and encrypted online portals for your online transactions gives you peace of mind that your money, and business, are protected.

Call us at (855) 943-5363 to learn more about the new Revenued Card or fill out our online form for more information. If you have questions regarding the security of our online portals, email us at [email protected].


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