Where Does the Revenued Business Card Work?


The Revenued Card is more than your everyday business card. Using it can help you optimize and free up cash flow, creating a clear path for company growth. The associated online portal equips you with financial transparency so you can track your spending in real-time. 

The Revenued Business Card is not a credit card, charge card, or debit card; however, it works anywhere those cards work. It looks and operates similarly to those cards, but its limit is tied to your company’s future revenue rather than your FICO score or personal guarantee. 

So how do you get this groundbreaking card, and where does the Revenued Business Card work? Continue reading to learn more.

Where the Revenued Business Card Works

Utilize the Revenued Card to pay your business expenses virtually anywhere. A sampling of locations where the Revenued Business Card works include:

  • Restaurants — Restaurants and coffee shops are often used as convenient locations to meet with clients or hold business meetings. Enlist the Revenued Card at lunch when discussing a potential business deal or mapping a plan for your firm’s fiscal future.
  • Retailers — Whether buying office supplies, construction materials, or updating equipment and technology, the Revenued Card grants your company access to the short-term capital it requires to remain viable in your competitive market. 
  • Gas Stations — The Revenued Card lets you use your card to buy fuel at stations to fill up your company vehicle or rental car. More and more gas stations are converting to at-the-pump EMV readers, and many of the rest employ magnetic stripe readers — the Revenued Card works on both types of readers.
  • Airlines and hotels — Use the Revenued Card for your business-travel-related expenditures. Purchase airline tickets in person, at the airport, on the airline’s website, by phone, or through a travel agency mobile app. Use your card to reserve your hotel room ahead of time by phone or online.
  • Shipping locations — If shipping makes up a significant part of your business model, use the Revenued Business Card to cover your costs at major transportation retailers, including USPS, UPS, or FedEx.
  • Utility companies — Your business relies on utilities like electricity, internet, and phone service to stay in touch with your customers and maintain a smooth-running operation. Your Revenued Business Card works to remit these payments online or in person at the public service desk.
  • Golf Courses — Many company owners use the golf course to size up business partners or lay the groundwork for a deal. According to Forbes, 80% of Fortune 500 executives use golf to forge new business relationships. Use the Revenued Business Card to pay for your next round at the golf course or other networking opportunities.


Ways to Use the Revenued Business Card

The Revenued Card was designed to have the convenience and versatility of a credit card while allowing it to work in more locations worldwide. That means equipping it with standard business card features like an EMV chip, a magnetic stripe, a 16 digit number, and cash draw capabilities.

EMV Chip Security

The EMV chip is the small metallic square you see embedded in the front of business cards, including the Revenued Card. As a business owner, you are probably familiar with these chips and may have even had to upgrade your equipment to accommodate them. Chip cards bring a higher security level than the traditional magnetic stripe-based card and can hold more information. 

EMV chip cards were popular in Europe prior to gaining momentum in the U.S. and were first issued in 1994. The technology has proved effective at reducing card fraud, so more merchants have installed card reader machines and software to process the chips. 

When you use the EMV chip on your Revenued Business Cards with one of these merchants, you can feel confident knowing your data is secure.

Magnetic Stripe Practicality

According to the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), gas station owners would need to shell out about $6,000 to $10,000 per pump to upgrade to EMV chip readers. This cost means conversion to the newer technology is slow for many business owners. 

The Revenued Business Card’s magnetic strip allows you to frequent your favorite vendors and retailers who have not yet upgraded to the EMV system. 

Online Utility

More business transactions than ever are being completed remotely, especially with current COVID-19 restrictions. By the end of 2020, e-commerce sales accounted for about 16% of total retail sales and reached nearly $4.2 trillion. These e-commerce trends are predicted to climb well into the 2020s. 

Your 16-digit card number allows the Revenued Card to work online or telephonically. Order supplies or inventory virtually by providing your card number, expiration date, and security code the way you would with other business cards. 

Cash Draw Convenience

The Revenued Business Card cash draw is available to pay vendors who do not accept plastic. Your online portal allows you to request cash by selecting the option on the dropdown menu. 

The money is then deposited into your bank account and is counted against your monthly spending limit. Utilize those funds however you’d like, including payroll funding, ensuring sure your valuable employees are taken care of through your business’s leaner months.

The Revenued Business Card Works Anywhere You Want it To

The Revenued Business Card gives you options beyond piling on debt or overdrawing your bank account. It works anywhere and anytime you need access to short-term capital. 

Use it at retailers, restaurants, online, or any place you would use a credit or debit card. With the Revenued Business Card’s flexible payment options, you can pay any business expense with virtually any merchant or vendor.

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind money management tool to shore up your bottom line, Revenued is here to help. Discover the new Revenued Business Card by calling (855) 943-5363 or reach us by completing our online contact form.


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