Who is Eligible for the Revenued Business Card?

It can be challenging finding a financial support system ready to help you when you need it most. The Revenued Business Card is ready to deliver an alternative financing option to get the money you need quickly without taking on new debt.

Designed for U.S. businesses doing at least $10,000 per month in sales, the Revenued Business Card offers flexible terms that work with your company’s cash flow. There is nothing out there like it. Let’s take a closer look at who is eligible for the Revenued Business Card.

A Card Designed for Cash When You Need It

It can be difficult to access enough funds to meet the needs of your growing company. According to the Small Business Credit Survey prepared by the Federal Reserve, 69% of employer firms tapped into personal funds to address financial challenges in 2017-18. Forty-five percent took on more debt. Paying operational expenses was the most significant financial challenge for those businesses surveyed. A close second was the ability for company owners to obtain credit. 

Many start-up founders are nationals from another country or recent grads who have little to no credit history. They may feel obtaining a traditional credit line is nearly impossible. The reason? Most business card underwriters rely on the business operator’s personal guarantee and individual credit score. 

The Revenued Business Card is different. It supplies funding based on your company’s revenue, rather than your FICO score or a personal liability requirement — you can still qualify even if you have subprime credit. Your business is eligible for the Revenued Business card primarily if  it  has a minimum of $10,000 per month in sales and maintains an average daily bank account of $1,000. 

Additionally, your firm must:

  • Operate in the United States.
  • Not be a start-up. It must have been in business for six or more months.
  • Have a business bank account — no personal accounts.
  • Have a bank account that has not gone negative for more than three days in a month.

The Revenued Business Card Was Made for Your Business

As small business owners, we at Revenued understand your needs and innovate products to help you each step of the way. One such product is the Revenued Business Card — a powerful financial tool that can help your small business overcome obstacles to success. A company like yours is eligible to benefit from this type of economic boost if it has:

  • Unpredictable expenses — The flexibility of the Revenued Card allows you to raise your spending limit effortlessly. This is vital when a sizable new contract requires an influx of supplies or equipment before receiving payment from the client. 
  • Unpredictable income — If you run an invoice-based business, you can’t always depend on the cash coming in when you expect it. You can have peace of mind knowing that the money will be available when needed, and it won’t cost you anything until you access it.
  • Opportunities to stock up on inventory — Don’t let opportunities pass you by. If a supplier offers a discount for large orders, for example, you can save money by stocking up now using a cash influx from the Revenued Business Card.
  • Seasonal fluctuations — If your company offers a service tied to particular weather or holidays, you will experience periods of reduced cash flow. Short-term business funding can help you continue to meet your obligations until you can get back in the black again.
  • Pandemic-related slow-downs — COVID-19 has hit many businesses hard. If you need to suspend operations temporarily and you’re still trying to get back on your feet, we may be able to help.
  • Denials from traditional lending institutions — Companies that have been denied for bank loans or business credit cards can qualify for this one-of-a-kind financing alternative.
  • Employees depending on regular paychecks — You may be able to weather a slow month, but your employees shouldn’t have to. Maintain your valuable staff by making sure the money is there each payday.
  • A lack of collateral or reserves — At Revenued, we don’t demand a balance sheet with a fat asset column to approve your application. As long as your historical income meets eligibility requirements, you can qualify. 
  • An eye toward unobstructed growth — A common obstacle to business growth is lack of capital. You can use funding from the Revenued Business Card to acquire the larger offices or expanded production capacity that your growing company needs.

We believe we’ve done our job if you leave our site feeling relieved and more confident in your ability to run your business.

Approval Process Makes Applying Easy 

Other MCA companies or banks require financial statements, assets as collateral, and tax returns.

If that still was not enough information, that funding company might need to look at your online store, call your landlord, or seek other references.

At Revenued, we believe obtaining and managing cash flow should be easy. Applying online takes minutes, and in most cases within moments you will know if you qualify. Once you provide the necessary information and allow us to review your banking activity, our automated system determines your funding amount. You’ll receive a firm decision no later than the next day.  

There is no risk, no credit checks, and no hassle. Fill out the Revenued Card application online and all at once, with no paperwork or phone calls. 

Find Out if Your Business Is Eligible for the Revenued Card

No one can help small business owners manage their finances better than Revenued. We strive to assist small business owners in achieving their goals and overcoming financial roadblocks. The Revenued Card is designed for business owners like you looking to increase profits without adding to their debt load. 

To discover if you qualify for the new Revenued Business Card, fill out our online form or call (855) 943-5363.


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