Applying for the Revenued Card: Is My Bank Supported by Plaid?

The Revenued Business Card has all of the convenience of a credit card without the credit score requirements that may have kept you from getting a business card in the past. The obstacles that stood in your way when applying for a credit or charge card will not be a problem with The Revenued Business Card — mainly because our card is not a credit card. Applying for a Revenued Business Card does not entail:

  • Checking your business credit score — The Card will not affect your business or  FICO  credit  score, since it is based on your business revenue and ability to make payments rather than your credit history.
  • Checking your personal credit score — Revenued only performs a soft credit pull when applying for the card, so your credit report will not have a “hard inquiry” to drag down your score as a credit card check would.
  • Requiring collateral — Secured credit cards involve a hefty deposit that acts as collateral for your funds. If you do not pay them back, the credit card company will keep your deposit.

Applying is easy. Simply fill out our online form and a member of our team will help you through the step by step application process.

Still have questions? Call us today at +1-877-662-3489 or email us at [email protected] to learn more about the revolutionary Revenued Business Card. We’re here to help.

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