Fund Your Business Through Specialized Financing
That Understands Your Unique Situation

We specialize in funding for businesses that have difficulty getting money elsewhere. Whether that’s due to the newness of your business, a low credit score or other special circumstances, we can help. Here’s how it works.

How to Get Online Financing

Our online funding process is fast and simple, and it takes less time than applying for a traditional bank loan.

Step One: Complete a Pre-Qualification Form

You can start your online funding application easily from Just fill in the form, and we’ll collect important information about your business that helps us understand how we can assist you. All the questions should be straightforward, but if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us.

Step Two: Speak With a Funding Advisor

Once we’ve received and reviewed your information, a funding advisor will contact you. They will talk through your unique circumstances to create a specialized funding plan that meets your needs.

Step Three: Provide Supporting Documents

Once we’ve agreed to a funding plan, we need to review some additional information about your business. We’ll send you a brief application and checklist of the documents we need. The more information you can provide, the quicker we can approve your funds.

Step Four: Review and Approval

We will review your application and supporting documents, and contact you to discuss the funding programs you’re qualified for. We’ll review your business performance, financials and how you intend to use the money.

Step Five: Choose Funding Plan and Receive Funds

Once approved, just choose a plan and sign the funding agreement. We’ll collect any additional information, and if everything is in order we’ll deposit the funds into your business bank account.

The Types of Financing We Offer

Our small business financing options include all of the following:

  • Merchant Cash Advance: This type of small business financing lets us provide you with fast funding, especially for businesses that might find it difficult to raise capital through traditional bank loans or other means. Read more about how an MCA differs from other types of business financing below.
  • Automated Funding Solutions: These are ideal for amounts of less than $10,000. You can apply online, get a decision in minutes and receive funds as quickly as the next working day.
  • Suitable for Business Owners With”Less Than Perfect” Credit: Traditional bank loans tend to only lend to customers with a FICO score of 650 or higher. If this isn’t you, we understand that you still might be a trustworthy lending customer, so we’ll evaluate more than just your credit score.

How a Merchant Cash Advance Differs From a Loan

  • We do not provide traditional loans; a merchant cash advance gives you much more flexibility in your funding
  • We provide you with an “advance” against your future revenues
  • You grant us a right to a portion of the future revenue of your business for a certain amount of time (will be detailed in the funding contract)
  • We can provide an advance in as few as 24 hours, while bank loans can take over 30 days for approval
  • A merchant cash advance is a great option for short-term business financing
  • The amount of money you make on a month-to-month basis is more important to us than your credit score
  • You do not need to provide collateral for a merchant cash advance, and we typically only require one year of business history (versus other lenders who require two years or longer)

Compare Different Types of Business Financing

Here’s how the various types of business financing compare to each other.

Type of fundingStructureApplicationCredit ScoreCollateralBusiness
Speed of Receiving FundsRepayment Terms
Bank loanFixed-term loanPersonal and business credit history, free cash flow, income statement, balance sheetThe higher the betterYes, on secured loans3 years or more2 weeks or moreMonthly payments over the lifetime of the loan, typically 1-5 years
Credit cardRotating creditPersonal and business credit history, business income, overall financesThe higher the better; this is the biggest single factor in getting a business credit cardNo3 years or moreCan be days to weeks; you will receive a credit limit, rather than fundsRevolving loan with a monthly payment, usually 1%-2% of balance
Online lenderCash advance/credit lineVaries, and relies more on proving business revenueMedium-high credit, rolling terms based on credit scoreNo1-2 years1-7 days3-, 6-, 12- or 24-month terms; payments varying from daily to monthly; penalty for early repayment
Merchant cash advanceCash advanceVaries, and relies more on proving business revenueLow to noneNo1 year1-7 daysFixed percentage of revenue until advance is repaid
SBA loanFixed-term loanExtensive, in-depth paperwork, personal and business documentation including detailed business historyThe higher the betterYes2 year1 month or moreMonthly payments over the lifetime of the loan
CrowdfundingCrowdsourced fundsMeet platform rules; create campaign, marketing, social media and other factors to promoteNot relevant, although a history of success can be beneficialNo, but you may want to offer “rewards” to backersNot relevant, although a history of success can be beneficialDepends on length of campaignNo need for repayments, although you typically have to offer products or services in lieu of repayment
Peer-to-peer lendingPeer-to-peerGood annual revenue, several years in business, good business pitch, personal credit historyThe higher the betterNo2 years or more4-8 daysSchedule varies, but anywhere between 6 months and 10 years

Is Our Business Financing Right for You?

  • You need funds in a week or less
  • You’re prepared to provide a portion of your revenues for the next few months to repay the advance
  • You have a short business history
  • You have a low personal or business credit score
  • You do not want to go through a lengthy and detailed application process
  • You do not want to provide collateral
  • You intend to repay funds fairly quickly (typically within three months to a year)

If these circumstances apply, we can help. Head over to our easy online application form and get started now with securing your small business financing quickly.

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