Business Rewards

  • 1% cash back available
  • Activate quarterly bonus points to earn 2x and 3x rewards in certain categories
  • No annual fees
  • Employee cards available at no extra cost
  • Rewards include cash back, airline travel and gift cards
  • Comes with fraud coverage and interactive alerts
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Are Cash Advances a Good Idea for Businesses?
Are Cash Advances a Good Idea for Businesses?

A merchant cash advance (more commonly called a cash advance), is a financial transaction between your business and an alternative financing company. The company purchases your receivables at a discounted rate, essentially “advancing” your future revenue. This advance amount is the total amount of capital the funding company will advance you.

How to Read Financial Statements

A financial statement demonstrates how a business has utilized the funds it has received from stockholders and lenders. In this way, these statements speak volumes about the executive strategy and offer a sense of transparency for those who have infused their own funds into the business' mission.