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You can change your bank account by contacting Customer Service at +1-201-584-0743 or sending an email at [email protected].

At this time, we can only offer 1 card for one business. Stay tuned to Revenued for news and upcoming features.

While you can’t transfer your balance to your Revenued Business Card account, you can use it to make payments and reduce your debt. You can also access your funds through a cash draw, allowing you the flexibility to pay your obligations through your business bank account.

Yes, the Revenued Business Card can be used for online purchases.

Account holders will earn cash back on purchases of goods and services made using their Revenued Business Card everywhere Visa cards are accepted, including airports, car shops, hardware stores, home supplies stores, supercenters, grocery stores, and more. Eligible Purchases do not include cash advances, Flex Line draws, disputed transactions, unauthorized or fraudulent transactions, interest, fees, or any other transactions that Revenued may determine in its sole discretion are not eligible to earn cash back rewards. For more information, see the rewards terms and conditions.

As soon as we are processing your physical card, you will be able to view your Virtual Card on the Account Settings page of your Revenued Dashboard by selecting “View My Cards”.

With the Revenued Business Card, you are not paying interest on the money that you use. Instead, you pay back a fixed amount based on another metric known as the factor rate. Factor rates are not as common as interest rates in the banking world, but they are more frequently used for alternative financing products like short-term loans and cash advances. Factor rates are simpler to calculate, and they allow you to know upfront how much the money you are using is going to cost you. For more information on your payments, log into your Revenued Dashboard.

No, applying for the Revenued Business Card will not affect your FICO score or build your business credit.

You activate the physical card by calling +1-844-218-4834 (this is our IVR number which is for cardholders only) or by going to your Account Settings Page and selecting the Activate Card section.

You can directly go to the bottom of the homepage on your Revenued account and select the Request Payment Adjustment feature. Payment Adjustments are subject to be reviewed.

Spending limits with your Revenued Business Card + Flex Line are subject to change depending on your business bank account activity. As your cash flow changes, so can your spending limit. For more questions on spending limit changes specific to your account, please contact our Customer Support team at +1-877-662-3489 or use the form at the bottom of this page.

Should you forget your password, simply click on ‘Forgot Password’ on the log-in page and an email will be sent to you for resetting your password. Alternatively, you can also choose the ‘Log in with OTP’ (one-time password).

You can prepay and save by using the “PayNow” page on the client portal. The page shows the outstanding PayNow Balance and allows for the user to enter an amount.

As soon as the rewards are ready to be redeemed, you can do so by going to the top right corner of your Revenued account and clicking on the Reward section.

To set up your Revenued Dashboard, you will receive a Welcome email containing a personalized link to follow. It will redirect you to create a password and log in to your Revenued account directly.

Right now the best way to do so is by calling +1-844-218-4834, this is our IVR number, which kicks off an automated process to cancel your card. Also by directly going to your Account Settings Page and selecting the Suspend Card option.

Just contact Customer Service at +1-201-584-0743 or send an email at [email protected]

Just contact Customer Service at +1-201-584-0743 or send an email at [email protected]

You can dispute a charge by calling +1-844-218-4834 (this is our IVR number which is for cardholders only). Also by contacting Customer Service at +1-201-584-0743 or sending an email at [email protected].

Just contact Customer Service at +1-201-584-0743 or send an email at [email protected]

Revenued Business Card bill payments are deducted automatically from your business bank account, meaning you won’t have to worry about missing a payment.

Notifying Revenued and any relevant lenders or credit card companies with your new address is a crucial step to take before moving. It ensures your replacement credit cards, statements, and tax documents follow you to your new address. Here are three primary ways to change your U.S.-based business address with Revenued:

  • By mail
  • By phone
  • Via your online merchant portal

View your spending limit and account balance anytime by logging into your Revenued Dashboard.

At Revenued, we feel strongly about protecting your personal information, and security measures in place in our Revenued Business Card reflect this commitment. All Revenued Business Cards come equipped with a microchip that protects you from fraudulent transactions. Your personal and financial information is safeguarded by cryptographic functions to prevent card counterfeiting and makes them safer to use than standard magnetic-stripe cards.

Once you submit your Cash Draw request, the funds can take 1-3 business days to show on your bank account.

If you own multiple businesses, you can get a Revenued Business Card for each of your companies as long as they can each qualify for the card on their own. Criteria for a card is based on your business’s revenue and bank activity, not on your finances or credit.

Log into your Revenued Dashboard and click on “Understand Your Pricing” at the bottom of the homepage to learn more about your daily payments.

If your payment bounces without prior notice, you will incur a $35 bounce fee. This can happen if your business bank account does not have the funds available when the daily fund payment is set to come out. When you incur a bounce fee, it will show on your Payment Calendar for each day it is assessed.

If your card gets lost or stolen please contact our customer support team right away by calling +1-877-662-3489 or using the form at the bottom of this page and we will assist with processing a new card and canceling your old one.

Plaid allows users like you to securely connect your financial accounts to an app like Revenued in seconds. Plaid does not share your personal information without your permission, and they don’t sell or rent it to outside companies. We use Plaid because in order to be underwritten for the Revenued Business Card + Flex Linewe need to connect with your business bank account to analyze spending activity. For more information, visit

Physical cards usually take 3-5 business days to arrive following the signed contract and barring any additional documents required by Customer Service.

At this time the card will not work outside the US, however stay tuned to Revenued for upcoming services and features.

The Revenued Business Card activity is not reported to credit reporting agencies and will not show up on your credit report. Also, our card does not represent liability or credit obligations, so it will never be reported to the credit agencies.

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