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Q) Who is behind Revenued?

Revenued is owned by Five Hole LLC, a portfolio company of Capital Z Partners a leading private equity fund specializing in financial services.


Q) What is the purpose of Revenued?

To enable small businesses to treat capital like a utility. Powering their businesses in the background and always available in just the right amounts with perfect information so you never run out. The Revenued Flex Line and Business Card allows businesses to get capital despite their credit score and use the card like they would any other business credit or debit card.


Q) Does Revenued offer business funding?

Revenued does offer business funding in the form of the Revenued Flex Line and Business Card.


Q) What is the technology that powers Revenued?

Revenued is powered by the same machine learning technology that advanced fintech lenders use to analyze your bank account and assign you a business credit score. Our advanced underwriting technology looks beyond your credit score to determine capital worthiness.


Q) What are current tools that Revenued offers?

Revenued gives you the information you need to make informed decisions about your banks, cash flow, and growth. The newest tool is the The Revenued Business Card, a card that puts businesses before their FICO score.


Q) What tools are soon to come to the Revenued site?

  • Overdraft calculator so you can see how much money you are losing on your bank fees as well as how much money you need to save so you don’t continue to do so.
  • Cash flow meter so you know when you run out of money and what to do about it.
  • Line of credit product to expand your options for business financing all under one roof.


Q) Do I need to pay to use the tools on

Our business resources are free to use for all. Applying for the Revenued Business Card is also free and will not affect your credit score.


Q) How Does the Revenued Business Card Work?

The Revenued Business Card can be used to make purchases just like any money card. The difference is there are no credit obligations, no interest, and no damage to your credit report. The Revenued Business Card is unique because its funding model is adjustable enough to underwrite businesses in any industry with limited revenue, operating history, or profitability.


Q) Who Is Eligible for the Revenued Flex Line and Business Card?

To qualify for the card, a business must:

  • Operate in the United States.
  • Not be a start-up. It must have been in business for over a year.
  • Have a business bank account — no personal accounts.
  • Have a bank account that has not gone negative for more than three days in a month.

Q) Will applying for the Revenued Flex Line and Business Card affect my credit?

No, applying for the Revenued Business Card will not affect your FICO score.


Q) How can I get help with my Revenued Flex Line and Business  Card or ask a question that isn’t listed here?

Our 5-star customer support team is here to help, simply choose a contact option below:

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