Don’t lose sleep over
business finances.

We simplify the complexity of managing small business finances and empower owners to succeed through tools that provide radical transparency

Who exactly is Revenued?

Revenued is a portfolio company of Basepoint Capital a leading credit fund based out of New York, NY. It leverages advanced online technology and underwriting to provide flexible terms and the fastest response times in the industry for small business owners. As leaders in financial technology, we want you to have the same sophisticated powerful tools we do. We believe you deserve a spending limit that grows with your business revenue in real-time, that’s why we built the Revenued Business Card + Flex Line – a card built for all businesses, including those with subprime credit.

We’re here to make your financial system responsive and run on autopilot, empowering you with more time to spend on what counts — running your business and growing revenue.

Solomon Lax

Solomon Lax served as Chief Executive Officer at Revenued since 2015. His 15 years of experience as a venture capitalist and investment banker include bridge and venture debt financing, restructuring, distressed company investment, and mergers and acquisitions. He is one of two founding partners of Cato Capital, LLC., where he was responsible for seeding both a healthcare receivable firm and a venture debt fund. Before entering the securities industry Sol was a general partner of CS Capital Partners LLC, an early stage venture fund, and a board member of several portfolio companies. Sol also served as CFO of the largest single-family home property owner in Maryland.

John Diamond

John Diamond has served as Revenued’s President since 2015, where he oversees the strategic vision of new and existing products as well as focusing on institutional syndication, pricing and deal flow management. Prior to joining the Revenued team, John was an Investment Banker at FBR Capital Markets, serving clients in the specialty finance industry.

Oded Segev

Oded Segev has served as Chief Financial Officer at Revenued since 2016. Prior to Revenued, he was with The Siegfried Group, responsible for serving clients in the financial services industry, assisting with M&A and equity raise projects. Oded began his career at KPMG in their Financial Services Audit Group. He was an Audit Manager serving both public and private clients in the Hedge Fund and Private Equity space. After a number of years, Oded moved to the Accounting division at Goldman Sachs, handling quarterly consolidation analysis as well as supporting the Private Wealth Management team. He then joined Stabilis Capital Management where he spearheaded many distressed asset turnarounds as an Asset Manager. During his tenure at Stabilis, Oded also served as a Controller, Underwriter and Investor Relations.

Jake Lerner

Jake Lerner has served as Chief Revenue Officer for Revenued since 2020. He oversees all sales channels and focuses on growing our direct to consumer initiative in addition to building relationships with Strategic Partners and innovating new products. Prior to Revenued he was the President of Vantage Capital and spent 4 years with Fora Financial.

Grant Pastor

Grant Pastor has served as Revenued’s Product Marketing Manager since 2015, where he oversees and assists in the creation of digital content including blog articles, videos, infographics, and eBooks. He is also responsible for maintaining Revenued’s presence on social media. Previous to Revenued, Grant has worked in various digital marketing roles with his most recent being within the fintech space.

Sholom Dreyfuss

Sholom served as CIO / VP of Engineering at Revenued since 2015. He was responsible for the day-to-day operations & support of the myriad systems used by the business, as well as leading the development teams in designing & building out new initiatives. Prior to joining Revenued, he spent a large part of his career in the Derivatives Technology space, working in the Capital Markets technology group at Citi Group, and then at Calypso Technology. Sholom tragically passed away in 2020 from COVID-19 and we miss him every day.

Aidel Miller

Aidel Miller has served as Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Revenued since 2015. She oversees all aspects of human resources, including recruitment, compensation benefits, and employee relations. Prior to Revenued, Aidel had over 20 years of diverse HR consulting and management experience in both profit and non-profit organizations. She had worked as a Senior HR Advisor at RealHR Consulting and Director of HR at Birthright Israel. Other career highlights include key roles at HR Dynamics, APCO, FEGS, and VP of HR with Amalgamated Bank.

Mike Bang

Mike Bang has served as Chief Marketing Officer for Revenued since 2023. He oversees all direct marketing growth channels. Prior to joining the Revenued team, Mike led growth marketing at Azibo and BlueVine. Mike started his career as an Investment Banker at Webush Securities serving clients in the industrial and technology industries.

Our vision is that business owners
never fear running out of money

Instead of wondering if you have enough money, where to get more money, and how much is the right amount, we’ll provide you with an intelligent business finance system that lets you view money as a utility — as simple as turning on a faucet. Our content and tools allow your finances to be on autopilot so you can worry about what matters most: growing your business.

Our Core Values

Covid-19 struck, we stepped up.

When it became clear that federal funding would become the most pressing need for small businesses because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we teamed up with a leading fintech bank to underwrite and process Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan applications.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, we were able to provide a total of $4 B in PPP approvals helping more than 113,000 US businesses.