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Q) Who is behind Revenued?

Revenued is owned by Five Hole LLC a portfolio company of Capital Z Partners a leading private equity fund specializing in financial services.

Q) What is the purpose of Revenued?

To enable small businesses to treat capital like a utility. Powering their businesses in the background and always available in just the right amounts with perfect information so you never run out.

Q) What is the technology that powers Revenued?

Revenued is powered by the same machine learning technology that advanced fintech lenders use to analyze your bank account and assign you a business credit score. We want you to have the same access to the best tools available.

Q) What are current tools that Revenued offers?

Revenued gives you the information you need to make informed decisions about your banks, cash flow, and growth.

Q) What tools are soon to come to the Revenued site?
  • Overdraft calculator so you can see how much money you are losing on your bank fees as well as how much money you need to save so you don’t continue to do so.
  • Cash flow meter so you know when you run out of money and what to do about it.
  • Your small business score and how to improve it.
Q) Do I need to pay to use the tools on

No you don’t and we will disclose any referral fees we make on any products we recommend.

Q) Does Revenued offer business funding?

Revenued doesn’t offer any business funding but will refer you to our partners that do.