The Best European Business Bank Accounts for Digital Nomads

The Best European Business Bank Accounts for Digital Nomads

Technology has completely changed how we conduct business. Whereas professionals were once limited by their physical location, remote workers — who have also become known as “digital nomads” — are now able to move freely from place to place while still fulfilling their responsibilities. Indeed, remote work is on a steady upswing, leaving millions of Americans with some decisions to make regarding their business banking. After all, digital nomads can’t be constrained by a traditional understanding of business banking.

While the freedom to work anywhere might cause some to be overwhelmed, consider this your opportunity to travel the world unfettered. As a digital nomad, you can finally travel overseas with the knowledge that you have several of the best bank accounts for international business right at your fingertips no matter where you are. So if you are looking to make a European escape (at least for a while), here are some options to consider as you search for the best bank account for digital nomads like yourself.


This Dutch bank is available only to residents of the European Union (EU), but it is an attractive choice for digital nomads looking for a comprehensive way to handle their money abroad. It’s also free, at least with the basic account type.

While ATM services and bank transfers are not included, Bunq does work well with an International Bank Account Number (IBAN), Mastercard or Maestro account. Customers can obtain a prepaid Mastercard and are allowed free transfers to Monzo users (more on them in a bit). You can even receive notifications regarding your spending habits, and the bank’s level of success thus far means it’s already working on expanding its services.


Leopay isn’t a traditional bank, but as an e-wallet account, it does provide the flexibility of having an IBAN available in a number of different currencies. If your remote business deals with international transactions, you’ll likely find this a tremendous asset.

Leopay’s service is open to customers who aren’t currently EU residents, and its monthly fees are essentially nonexistent. Moreover, the company presents a laundry list of irresistible features, including the absence of certain fees (such as the foreign exchange fee on Mastercard), the flexibility to withdraw from any ATM and expense tracking as well as spending reports.


If you’re looking to get an account within the United Kingdom (UK) but don’t have a UK address, this company is worth a look. There is no credit history required to get started, and customers enjoy foreign exchange transactions at the interbank exchange rate. (That’s the best rate on the market, which will make a huge difference on your bottom line.) Even though Monese has built-in limits on your balance, transfers and deposits, it still presents enough features to make it a worthwhile option for digital nomads.


One of the most popular banks of its kind in the EU, Monzo is also one of the most versatile options on our list. Customers can take advantage of its service via their free account, a debit card or a mobile application, all for little to no added fees. Monzo is available throughout the UK on mobile devices only, and its app includes sophisticated services such as budgeting and subscription management features.

Monzo users will enjoy the Mastercard rate and will be spared any foreign exchange fees on the card (regardless of the currency you use). There are some limitations — such as native-only support for UK bank transfers and a restriction on ATM withdrawals — but the flexibility for remote workers is a highlight in and of itself.


Like many other banks on this list, N26 centers on IBAN accounts. But other than this minor condition (and the fact that it is only open to EU members in the euro area), the German-based bank provides a strong service for digital nomads.

Both free and premium accounts are available, and you can conduct business without having to contend with costly foreign exchange fees. Users can withdraw money from any ATM, and review expense tracking and spending reports to ensure that everything in their records is above-board.


One of the fastest-growing companies on our list, Revolut is definitely not the only option you have for international business banking needs — but it might be one of the best. This UK-based bank allows customers to transfer money across 26 different types of currency at the interbank rate.

You can withdraw as much as £400 or €400 each month from any ATM globally and easily transmit payments (yes, Revolut works with IBAN for both UK and euro accounts). For the diligent remote worker, this is ideal, and a standard account is free. New services — including accounts in the United States — are being added all the time, so be sure to keep up to date on what Revolut offers.


Like Leopay, TransferWise isn’t a traditional bank, but it offers e-wallet accounts integrated with IBAN and Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) codes. For those doing business in the UK and the U.S. alike, it functions more or less like a local bank (minus the ATM withdrawals).

There’s no monthly account fee, and only a small fee applies to currency exchange. With more than 25 currency options, TransferWise is becoming one of the most widely used services of its kind, making it easy for digital nomads to transfer funds without additional complications.

The above options may be some of the most useful business bank accounts for digital nomads like yourself, but be sure to explore whether a particular account is the right fit for your specific needs before committing to any bank. If you still have questions about the best European business bank accounts for digital nomads, feel free to reach out to us. Join the conversation or just share your thoughts, comments or questions with us on Twitter over @Revenued_com.

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