Earn Points While You Work: Business Credit Cards With Rewards

Earn Points While You Work: Business Credit Cards With Rewards

When you’re attempting to build your business credit, few decisions are as critical as deciding which card to go with. Every business owner has different priorities when it comes to selecting an account they qualify for, and thankfully the market offers something for everyone.

You’ve probably already seen countless rundowns of the best business credit cards, but you still might not have found what you’re looking for. After all, if your goal is to determine which business credit accounts offer the features you want (and then some), you may be looking for something very specific. If you’re looking for business credit cards that also offer rewards, you’re in the right place!

Best Business Credit Cards With Rewards

We get it: You want to ensure every dollar you invest in your business offers the most attractive return on investment possible. And why wouldn’t you? The money you spend on credit goes toward building a more successful future and feeding the long-term vision of your company. When you have so many card options vying for your business, the least they can do is help nudge your goals along! Here are the best business credit cards that also offer you valuable rewards.

The Business Platinum Card from American Express

This card carries an annual fee of $450, which is why we aren’t recommending this card for businesses with low operating expenses. It’s also a charge card that needs to be paid in full every month. But if you can afford it, the American Express Business Platinum Card offers some very competitive benefits, especially for frequent travelers. Perhaps the most notable of these is access to more than 1,000 exclusive airport lounges worldwide and a $200 credit for airline incidentals. You also earn five times the membership rewards points on airfare and accommodations booked through the American Express travel site, as well as significant point bonuses on eligible purchases (as many as 1 million bonus points annually).

Bank of America Business Advantage Travel Rewards World Mastercard

Bank of America offers a variety of business cards, but this one wins a spot on our list. The sign-up bonus is 25,000 points when you spend at least $1,000 in the first 60 days (or a $250 statement credit for travel expenses). It comes without an annual fee, and cardholders enjoy one and a half points for every dollar spent (plus three points for travel plans booked through the bank’s site). This makes the Business Advantage Travel Rewards World Mastercard — which also charges no annual fee or international transaction fees — Revenued’s top pick for frequent travelers.

Capital One Spark Cash for Business

In the market for a more straightforward business credit card? Capital One’s Spark Cash for Business card might just do the trick: This card offers an unlimited 2 percent cash-back reward that makes it easier to rack up points without a lot of fine print to sift through. Upon sign-up, you’ll enjoy no annual fee for the first year (and $95 in subsequent years) and a $500 cash bonus once you spend $4,500 on purchases (in the first three months). Although you might want to stay away from an annual fee, we at Revenued still want to include this card on the list. If used correctly, you could see a fast return on investment.

Capital One Spark Miles for Business

As its name implies, this Capital One offer swaps out cash-back rewards for travel mileage. In fact, cardholders earn two miles for every dollar they spend with their Spark Miles for Business Card. That’s a figure virtually unmatched in the marketplace, especially considering that your purchases are unlimited. Moreover, new cardholders receive a 50,000-mile bonus at sign-up. The annual fee almost mirrors the Spark Cash card’s $95 after the first year. If you have a tendency to travel, we recommend this card as a great way to maximize your rewards earnings.

Capital One Spark Classic for Business

Yes, another Capital One card. As it turns out, this company truly caters to professionals with a number of worthwhile business credit cards. For this one, you won’t have to deal with an annual fee or any foreign transaction fees. Although the annual percentage rate is high at 24.74 percent, you can still enjoy the full benefits of this card if you pay off the balance every month. Revenued doesn’t recommend this card if you’re on the hunt for a card that can sensibly carry debt, but if you want solid cash-back rewards (1 percent on every purchase) and an opportunity to build your credit, consider the Spark Classic for Business card.

Chase Ink Business Preferred Credit Card

If you spend $5,000 in the first three months, the Chase Ink Business Preferred Credit Card will reward you with a whopping 80,000 bonus points. When redeemed, that translates to $1,000 toward travel expenses! Talk about a great way to kick off your relationship with this new card. You’ll also get three points for each dollar you spend on select categories such as travel, shipping costs and online advertising, as well as one point for each dollar spent on everything else. The only downside we see is the $95 annual fee, but if you claim this as a business expense on your taxes, it still might make sense to consider adding this card to your wallet.

Chase Ink Business Cash Card

Chase strikes again with an impressive $500 cash-back sign-up bonus after you spend $3,000 in the first three months — and that’s just the beginning of benefits you’ll enjoy. There’s also a 0 percent introductory APR period and cash-back rewards as high as 5 percent, depending on the nature of the purchase. We recommend the Ink Business Cash Card if your business spends a significant amount on office supplies and internet, cable and phone services. As long as you meet this criteria, this card offers a boatload of rewards that make it a smart choice for your business.

SimplyCash Plus Business Credit Card from American Express

American Express has found a new way to innovate what we expect from business credit cards with this one. In addition to no annual fee and 5 percent cash back on up to $50,000 of office supply and wireless phone purchases annually, cardholders are able to select from eight purchase categories for a 3 percent cash-back reward. This flexibility allows companies to get the most from their card, since all other purchases still earn 1 percent rewards. If your business involves a lot of international purchases, then the 2.7 percent foreign transaction fee will be a turn-off here, but the ability to tailor the rewards to your business is priceless.

While the above represents just a few of the many options available to you, we’re confident that most businesses will find just what they’re looking for in at least one of them. However, if you still need additional guidance on how to identify which business credit card offers the most valuable rewards for you, we’re happy to help. Our mission is to help small business owners get control of their finances, and business credit is one of the most integral parts of the larger picture that forms your company’s financial health. Join the conversation or just share your thoughts, comments or questions with us on Twitter over @Revenued_com.

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