Is the US Bank FlexPerks Business Travel Rewards Card Good For Your Business?

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Finding the right rewards card to build credit for your business can be a real hassle. Luckily for you, we’ve taken a look at the US Bank FlexPerks Business Travel Rewards Card to give you the breakdown of this small business credit card.

Pros and Cons

The benefits and disadvantages of your company’s small business credit card make the difference between a total nightmare and a seamless integration into your financial flow. Here are some of the pros and cons to help you figure out if this is the right card for your company.

FlexControl Budgeting Tool – Free credit card management tools help you pay down debt and keep control of your accountExpiration Dates – FlexPoints expire after five years and can only be us
Exclusive Travel Rewards – Save with major travel discounts and enjoy access to the exclusive Hideaway ReportHigh Penalties – Late payments on this card can cost you more than just a late fee, raising APR up to 29.99% and possibly jeopardizing your points
Transferable FlexPoints – Move rewards between accounts or to other U.S. Bank members with no added costStrict Application – Strict application rules can make it hard to get approval if you've had a lot of recent hits on your credit

Mobile App Ratings

With a Google Play rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars (108.8k ratings) and an Apple Store rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars (671.7k ratings), the U.S. Bank mobile app tends to hold its own as a finance app. While common complaints include glitchy sign-on and cluttered UX design, the overall consensus seems to be that the finance tracking feature makes this app work.

Credit Card Reviews

The U.S. Bank FlexPerks Business Travel Rewards credit card tends toward positive credit card reviews around 4.5 out of 5 stars. For existing U.S. Bank members, Fundera rates this card as the best U.S. Bank business card for travel rewards. While not a lot of negative vibes can be found around this card, the travel rewards system is obviously the biggest attraction, as most of the other elements of account access and customer service are pretty standard

Best For…

With low interest rates, low annual fees and specific travel rewards, this card is great for entrepreneurs with a hint of wanderlust. Financial budgeting tools and fraud protection help you keep track of your account no matter where you go. If you’re running a company requiring more flexibility with rewards or a business with low monthly expenditures looking for a zero-cost card, this might not be your cup of tea.


The APR with this small business credit card ranges between 14.24% and 25.24%, which is a great rate if your However, it’s important to note that delayed payments can push your rates up to 29.99%, approximately double your initial rate if you qualify for the minimum APR.

Maintenance Fees

Not only is the $55.00 annual fee pretty low for a small business credit card in its class, but it can also be credited back to your account when you spend $24,000 or more in a year. Late fees are on a sliding scale between $19 and $39 depending on your card balance.

Recommended FICO

Because of the exclusive travel offers and membership rewards program for U.S. Bank customers, this card can be difficult to get qualified for with a minimum credit of 700 or higher. Companies with little credit history who have applied for multiple credit cards in the same 12- to 24-month period might find it even harder to qualify.

Unique Feature: Elite Membership Rewards

One major feature of this credit card is the complimentary membership to Hideaway Report, a true luxury travel experience with deep discounts and access to curated guidebooks for truly unique travel experiences. With a market value of $250-$395 per year in addition to executive perks like airline allowances and Visa Signature benefits, this bonus only adds to could be an excellent way for small business owners to make your hard work investing in your business work for you.


Overall, this is a great card for small business owners and entrepreneurs with a desire to make your business expenses work for you. With low maintenance fees and high-yield rewards, this is a great travel card with decent rates. For small business credit cards with lower rates, no fees or more flexible rewards systems, you can find more business credit card reviews at


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