Pros & Cons: Blue Business Cash Card from American Express

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Searching for a small business credit card that works well for your business can be a lengthy and involved process. Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled the more important details on the American Express Business Blue Card so you can more easily make the right choice for you.

Pros & Cons

As with any small business credit card, weighing the pros and cons are an essential part of determining if it’s worth applying for. Here are some of the major benefits and drawbacks that we found for the Business Blue card.

Earn Cash Back – Earn 2% cashback on purchases up to $50,000 applied directly to your balance.Inflexible Rewards – Cashback rewards are automatically redeemed as credits to your balance with no option for travel points
Easy Account Management – Allow trusted individuals access to managing Blue Card purchases as well as employee card limitsNot Universally Accepted – Like any American Express card, not all merchants accept the Blue Business card for payment
Spend Above Credit Limit – Make larger purchases when needed with no overlimit fees* and cashback rewardsNo Bank – As a standalone card, customer support will be online or through the phone instead of a branch

*Amount you can spend above your credit limit is not unlimited and must be paid back monthly as part of your minimum payment. 

Mobile App 

The American Express app ranks in as the #24 Finance App for Apple users with a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars (1.1M), and 4.3 out of 5 stars (26.9k) for Android users on the Google Play Store. While accessing the app for this small business credit card is relatively straightforward, most of the complaints tended to be around the rewards system itself.

Credit Card Reviews

With an average rating of between 3.8  and 4.3 out of 5 stars among professional business card reviews, the Amex Blue Business Cash card tends to have a positive, if relatively middle-of-the-road impact. While it doesn’t necessarily stand out as a uniquely innovative card, the consensus is that this small business credit card is a strong, no-frills cash back rewards card for companies looking to avoid an annual maintenance fee.

Best For…

The Blue Business Cash Card by American Express is best for businesses with great credit history looking to take advantage of that 0% 12-month APR, and who plan on spending less than the $50,000 yearly cap. Companies with below-average credit scores or who are looking for more specific rewards programs might want to look elsewhere.


One unique feature of this small business credit card is an intro APR of 0% for the first year on both purchases and balance transfers, something that isn’t available on too many business cards. After the first year, a relatively standard variable APR of 15.24% to 21.24% puts this card right in line with the majority of business credit APRs. Late payments might push your rate up to a high 29.99%.

Annual Maintenance Fees

One great aspect of this card is the $0 annual fee. You can also buy above your credit limit in that last-minute cash flow emergency with no overlimit fees. Late or returned payments can incur a fee of up to $39.

Qualifying Creditworthiness

Entrepreneurs with good to excellent credit scores in the 690 to 850 range are most likely to qualify for this small business credit card. Start-ups or business owners with lower personal credit or little business credit history might have difficulty qualifying.

Unique Benefits

The Business Blue Card benefits are geared toward the protection of your purchases. Here are a few of the major perks that you would be entitled to with this Amex account.

  • Purchase protection from damage or theft up to 90 days after using your card for eligible purchases.
  • Extended manufacturer’s warranty of items purchased through your Blue Business card, up to one additional year on eligible items.
  • Special Amex Offers for shopping, dining, and travel can be added to your card as reward options for loyal customers.


The American Express Blue Business credit card is a simple and straightforward cash rewards card with decent rates and expanded buying power. That said, companies expecting large purchases or specific rewards in areas of travel or business expenses may be able to qualify for small business credit cards with a little more to offer in terms of cashback and perks. Businesses with little or poor credit history may have difficulty qualifying for this card. For more reviews of small business credit cards for business owners, see


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